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Our Services

Our offer is ideally articulated in three phases

  • Education

  • Exploration

  • Design and Implementation


One day with your team and you will know what is AI and what it is not ; what it does and what it doesn’t. We will ensure that we all speak the same language and that each word has the right definition. Artificial Intelligence is not the same thing that Machine learning, which is different from Deep Learning.

Design and Implementation

With the appropriate team and in coordination with your internal resources, we will design, program, test and implement your AI project.


Together we will explore all opportunities to implement Artificial intelligence in your environment. Taking into consideration the need for change management, we will define together a road map that will maximize success.

Visual representation of our services: data analysis, predictive modelling, artificial intelligence, machine learning

Statistical analysis

Predictive analytics 

Predictive Modeling 


Prescriptive Modeling 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning 


Automated Credit Scores 


Compliance with Basel II and III accords


Sports Performance Analysis 


Generative AI 

What's really going on and why?

What will happen if this trend continues?

What will happen next?

What is the best-case scenario?

What actions can be taken to generate the best possible scenario?

How can a computer learn from its own experience and make decisions that will maximize the likelihood of achieving a given goal?

How can I optimize the necessary trade-off between maximizing business and minimizing risk?

How can banks' capital requirements be strengthened by increasing liquidity and decreasing bank leverage?

How can you improve athletes' performance by analyzing their past experiences?

How to leverage GPT and other generative AI tools

Passed projects and use cases

A dollar sign on a cell phone screen. A symbolic representation of a fintech.

A promanent fintech on Bay Street, Toronto

The purpose was to automate a credit adjudication process while staying within acceptable risk boundaries and mimicking as much as possible our traditional bankers’ procedures. Roger’s professional approach and strong network in the industry managed to deal with the lack of historical data inherent to a start-up. Under his leadership the team built a robust, non-fragile adjudication platform, an intelligent mix of commercial customized credit scores, cash flow projection and expert rules based models.

We were so impressed with this platform that we decided to productize it and license it to traditional financial institutions.

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