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Discover statistics like never before

Accelerate your data-driven marketing capabilities

Improve your relationship with your data

Unleash the power of Generative AI

Elements of data strategy

Data Strategy Consulting

SMC offers you clarity on how data will support your business. Our team will help you understand what strategic question should be answered, what data sources are needed, and what data governance is necessary.

Elements of Data Science and AI

Data Science
Machine Learning and AI

SMC offers you insights from a team of experts and a robust partner ecosystem to help implementing your strategy, accelerate your digital transformation, and build the analytical solution you need, from reporting and business intelligence to predictive modelling, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

The Cycle of Decision Making

Decision Making
and Automation

SMC offers you support when decision is a challenge, with more than 25 years’ experience in studying, understanding, and structuring decision-making processes. From Game Theory to military staff techniques, we will ensure you always make the best educated decision.

A man in dark suit, hands crossed in his back, is facing a black board full of mathematical formulas.

Innovation through analytics

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